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LT|9 May 2023
Two papers accepted at ACL 2023

The 'The 61st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics' (ACL 2023) accepted the following demo paper and short findings paper respectively:

"The D-WISE Tool Suite: Multi-Modal Machine-Learning-Powered Tools Supporting and Enhancing Digital Discourse Analysis" - Florian Schneider, Tim Fischer, Fynn Petersen-Frey, Isabel Eiser, Gertraud Koch and Chris Biemann

Abstract: This...

LT|15 February 2023
CodeAnno accepted for EACL System Demonstrations

The CodeAnno demo paper was accepted for the The 17th Conference of the European Chapter
of the Association for Computational Linguistics (System Demonstrations Track):

Schneider, F., Yimam S.M., Petersen-Frey , F., Biemann, C., von Nordheim, G., Kleinen-von Königslöw, K., (2023): CodeAnno: Extending WebAnno with Hierarchical Document Level Annotation and Automation. The 17th Conference of the...
LT|1 September 2022
LT Group will co-organize the AfriSenti-SemEval shared task (Task 12)

LT Group, in collaboration with Masakhane, HausaNLP (Nigeria), ICT4D Research group (Ethiopia), and other researchers working on low-resource NLP, will organize the first AfriSenti-SemEval shared task (Task 12).

The AfriSenti-SemEval Shared Task 12 is based on a collection of Twitter datasets in 13 African languages for sentiment classification. It consists of three sub-tasks. Participants can...

LT|8 July 2022
New Book on Text Mining

The second edition of the German standard textbook on Text Mining. "Wissensrohstoff Text", finally has entered the bookstores.

The book, authored by Chris Biemann, Gerhard Heyer and Uwe Quasthoff, provides a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals and applications of text mining, illustrated with many examples and sample applications. It is targeted at students of computer science...

LT|7 July 2022
Student group receives UHH excellence funding

Ali Ebrahimi Pourasad, Daniel Djahangir, Robert Geislinger and Deniz Gül were selected to receive the prestigious and competitive funding from the University's program for student research groups, which is implemented as part of the excellence strategy at the University of Hamburg for supporting promising student research activities with up to 10.000 Eur.

Ali, Daniel, Robert and Deniz receive the...

LT|20 June 2022
Best Student Paper Award at DESRIST 2022

As a part of the INSTANT project, the LT Group collaborated with the WISTS Group on the topic of utilising AI in the area of online customer service, and as a result the following paper won the Best Student Paper award at DESRIST 2022 :

"Let’s Team Up with AI! Toward a Hybrid Intelligence System for Online Customer Service" - Mathis Poser, Christina Wiethof, Debayan Banerjee, Varun Shankar,...
LT|14 June 2022
LT goes beyond research, glorious success in Cricket

Cricket which is a very popular sport in England, India, Australia, etc., is becoming quite popular in Europe as well.  Abhik Jana, a member of LT is also a regular member of one of the cricket clubs in Hamburg, namely THCC Rot-Gelb.  On 12th June (2022), THCC Rot-Gelb finishes NDCV T20 Regionalliga 2022 as the winner and Abhik Jana as a core member of this winning team finishes the league as the...

Publication|26 April 2022
A Paper Accepted at Semantic Web Journal

The following survey paper is accepted for the special issue ' Deep Learning and Knowledge Graphs' of Semantic Web Journal:

Sevgili, Ö., Shelmanov, A., Arkhipov, M., Panchenko, A., Biemann, C. (2022): Neural entity linking: A survey of models based on deep learning, Semantic Web Journal, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 527-570, IOS Press (2022), doi:10.3233/SW-222986. (link)

Abstract: This survey presents a...

Publication|6 April 2022
Four papers accepted at LREC 2022

The ' 13th Edition of its Language Resources and Evaluation Conference - LREC 2022' has accepted the following papers:

Meriem Beloucif, Seid Muhie Yimam, Steffen Stahlhacke and Chris Biemann (2022): Elvis vs. M. Jackson: Who has More Albums? Classification and Identification of Elements in Comparative Questions Debjoy Saha, Shravan Nayak and Timo Baumann (2022): Merkel Podcast Corpus: A...
Publication|1 April 2022
Two Papers Accepted at SIGIR 2022

The '45th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval' accepted the following demo and short papers respectively:

"Golden Retriever: A Real-Time Multi-Modal Text-Image Retrieval System with the Ability to Focus" -  Florian Schneider , Chris Biemann 

Abstract: In this work, we present the Golden Retriever, a system leveraging state-of-the-art...