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Operation|19 July 2017

The LT group is looking for new PhD students and interns.

Please see the job posting here and on the University homepage.

Verwaltung|5 July 2017
Volkswagen Foundation funds extension for new/s/leak project

In order to increase usability of our software prototype and to perform extensions to better access content, the VW Foundation has funded an extension to the new/s/leak project.

During the next months, we will extend our leak document collection browsing tool "new/s/leak" together with our application partner, DER SPIEGEL.

Blog: http://w...

Verwaltung|5 July 2017
BMBF funds BIMDANUBE project

In this project, we will establish  new network of excellence on biomedical information management among the Danube States. The objective of the network is to strengthen collaboration among innovative ICT institutions and SMEs of the region, in accordance with the goals of the EU Horizon 2020 ICT agenda. The network is going to serve as a research infrastructure for...

Verwaltung|3 July 2017

The EMNLP 2017 conference in Copenhagen accepted our demo paper:

Alexander Panchenko, Fide Marten, Eugen Ruppert, Stefano Faralli, Dmitry Ustalov, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Chris Biemann: Unsupervised & Knowledge-Free & Interpretable Word Sense Disambiguation

The paper partially builds on the MA thesis of Fide Marten.

Verwaltung|10 May 2017

Chris Biemann is speaking at the first meeting of Hamburg AI.

See you at Mindspace, Rödingsmarkt 9!


18:00 Mingle & Drinks
18:30 Official opening/City.AI Introduction
18:35 Machine Learning for Recommender Systems in the Job Market - Fabian Abel, Director Data Science, XING AG
19:00 A Cognitive Computing Approach to Language Technology - Prof. Dr. Chris Biemann, University of Hamburg

Verwaltung|7 April 2017

The German Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology (GSCL) has accepted our proposal for a workshop and shared task at GSCL 2017 in Berlin.  The workshop is organized jointly between the Language Technology group at UHH and the Language Technology Lab at U Duisburg-Essen.

We are looking forward for many participations on the task of Shared Task on Aspect-based Sentiment in...

Verwaltung|3 April 2017

The ACL 2017 conference in Vancouver accepted our full paper:

Dmitry Ustalov, Alexander Panchenko and Chris Biemann: Automatic Induction of Synsets from a Graph of Synonyms

ACL is the flagship conference for Computational Linguistics/ Natural Language processing.

Verwaltung|24 March 2017

As part of the IBM Watson University Program, five Computer Science Students of TU Darmstadt presented their Movie Character Insights App from March, 20 to 24 at the CeBIT 2017 in Hanover.
The application was developed in summer term 2016 within the „Question Answering (QA) Lab“ of the Language Technology Group and employs IBM Watson technology on a self-provided corpus of documents about movies...

Verwaltung|23 March 2017

The LT group is happy to announce:

Date: March 23, 2017
Time: 13:30- 14:30
Location: Informatikum F433
Speaker: Meike Zehlike

Algorithmic Fairness and Discrimination Discovery in People Search Engines

People search engines are increasingly common for job recruiting, for finding a freelancer, and even for finding companionship or friendship. As in other cases, a top-k ranking algorithm...

Verwaltung|7 March 2017

The LT group is pleased to announce the following invited talk:

Date: March 7, 2017

Location: Stellingen, F433

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Title: Privalino
Presenter: Nicolai Erbs (Co-founder of Privalino)

Children communicate with their friends using chats on a daily basis. However, the anonymity of the Internet leads to potential risks for them. They can become victims of internet predators who...