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UHH|26 March 2018

New journal articles from LT group members have been published in the last few weeks:

The latest issue of the Journal of Natural Language Engineering features an article describing the main results of the JOIN-T project:

Biemann, C., Faralli, S., Panchenko, A., Ponzetto, S.P. (2018): A framework for enriching lexical semantic resources with distributional semantics. Journal of Natural Language...
UHH|26 February 2018
A new journal article from a member of our group was published this Monday in Social Science Computer Review.
Verwaltung|12 December 2017
Five papers accepted at LREC

The LREC 2018 conference has accepted 5 papers co-authored by LT members:

Alexander Panchenko, Eugen Ruppert, Stefano Faralli, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Chris Biemann: Building a Web-Scale Dependency-Parsed Corpus from CommonCrawl Alexander Panchenko, Dmitry Ustalov, Stefano Faralli, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Chris Biemann: Improving Hypernymy Extraction with...
Verwaltung|7 December 2017

We are happy to announce to host the 1st Workshop on Biomedical Information Management: Challenges and Open Problems at the Univeristy of Hamburg on 19&20 Feb. 2018. For details see the following announcement:


Call for Abstracts and Participation

1st Workshop on Biomedical Information Management: Challenges and Open Problems
Date: February 19/20, 2018
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Important dates:

Verwaltung|16 November 2017
BWfG funds project on user comments in the "" initiative

Our project titled "Forum 4.0 - Maschinelle Analyse, Aggregation und Visualisierung von Nutzerkommentaren" has been selected for funding by BWfG. See the full list of projects in the first round of

The project will last for three years and is conducted between the following partners: Walid Maalej (speaker, UHH)...

Verwaltung|9 November 2017
LT group is invlolved in the organization of a shared task on word sense induction and disambiguation for the Russian language: The participants need to cluster occurrences of the words according to their senses.
Research|27 October 2017
LT group released DepCC, a new large dependency parsed corpus which was constructed from the web crawls of the CommonCrawl project. DepCC is the largest to date linguistically analyzed corpus in English including 365 million documents, composed of 252 billion tokens and 7.5 billion of named entity occurrences in 14.3 billion sentences from a web-scale crawl. We demonstrated the utility of this...
Verwaltung|10 October 2017
DFG funds ACQUA project

In this project, we will conduct research on comparative arguments. Our goal is a technology for answering comparative questions in general with reasonable coverage.

To reach this goal, we propose a new approach involving several stages: (1) understanding comparative questions by users, (2) retrieving comparative argumentative structures relevant to a question from a...

Research|11 September 2017

Together with the Language Technology Lab (LTL) from the Universität Duisburg-Essen, we are hosting the GermEval 2017 Shared Task on Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis. In this shared task, we utilize the data, which we annotated as part of the ABSA-DB project with the Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr AG.

The shared task has the largest dataset among all tasks on Sentiment Analysis. It consits of four...

International|8 September 2017

Our collaboration partner Animesh Mukherjee from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur was selected for the prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship by the Humboldt Foundation.

Animesh will spend a total time of 12 months at LT in Hamburg, split into three visits in the next three years, starting in August 2018. We will continue our successful collaboration [1,2] on tracking word...