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LT|7 July 2022
Student group receives UHH excellence funding

Ali Ebrahimi Pourasad, Daniel Djahangir, Robert Geislinger and Deniz Gül were selected to receive...

LT|20 June 2022
Best Student Paper Award at DESRIST 2022

As a part of the INSTANT project, the LT Group collaborated with the WISTS Group on the topic of...

LT|14 June 2022
LT goes beyond research, glorious success in Cricket

Cricket which is a very popular sport in England, India, Australia, etc., is becoming quite popular...

Publication|26 April 2022
A Paper Accepted at Semantic Web Journal

The following survey paper is accepted for the special issue ' Deep Learning and Knowledge Graphs'...

Publication|6 April 2022
Four papers accepted at LREC 2022

The ' 13th Edition of its Language Resources and Evaluation Conference - LREC 2022' has accepted the...

Publication|1 April 2022
Two Papers Accepted at SIGIR 2022

The '45th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval'...

Publication|24 February 2022
A Paper Accepted at ACL 2022

The ‘60th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (2022)’ accepted the...

Betrieb|1 December 2021
House of Computing and Data Science founded

The House of Computing and Data Science (HCDS) was officially founded on December 1, 2021. Under the...

Betrieb|1 November 2021
LT member wins the GSCL doctoral thesis award in memory of Wolfgang Hoeppner
LT member wins the 'GSCL doctoral thesis award in memory of Wolfgang Hoeppner'

Seid Muhie Yimam from...

LT|19 October 2021
Angelie Kraft's Master Thesis entitled „Triggering Models: Measuring and Mitigating Bias in German Language Generation" supervised by LT group won EXPO 2021

Angelie Kraft has won the EXPO 2021 with a poster presentation of her recently completed Master's...

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