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Verwaltung|6 August 2018
Two demo papers accepted at EMNLP 2018 main conference

The 2018 Conference on Empirical Methods...

UHH|17 July 2018
Language Technology group is involved in organization of the special issue of the Natural Language...
UHH|12 July 2018
A paper on "Unsupervised Semantic Frame Induction using Triclustering" was accepted for publication...
Verwaltung|12 June 2018

The LT group together with the Bucerius Law School presented the results of their collaboration in a...

UHH|7 June 2018

Our new article showcasing how distributional semantics helps in extending tokenization to more...

Verwaltung|4 June 2018

The 19th Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH2018)...

UHH|22 May 2018

LT is seeking to fill a PostDoc position. This position does not entail any project duties, but...

Verwaltung|17 May 2018
A paper accepted at COLING 2018 main conference

The 27th International Conference on...

UHH|26 March 2018

New journal articles from LT group members have been published in the last few weeks:

The latest...

UHH|26 February 2018
A new journal article from a member of our group was published this Monday in Social Science...

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